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Calling card

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por - 07/04/2014 a las 18:04 (2110 Visitas)
I'm opening this note for anyone who comes to have a look at my professional profile and wants to know something more about me. Check out my qualities: observant, curious, sensual, provocative, playful, respectful and empathetic.

My smile is spontaneous and natural. That’s how I roll, and you'll see it when you put yourself in my hands. Stay with me for a while, and you’ll discover my mysteries. I’ll make you feel you‘ve experienced something special.

My friends say I’m courageous, tender, genuine, free, enterprising, astonishing, social, critical, creative, a woman of character, a dreamer.

With me, you’re getting an escort who loves to investigate the world, to read and listen to people...who wants to make this experience as big as it can be, a lady of pleasure who responds naturally to each encounter.

For more information, write me a message here or send me an email to

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