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Los algodones dental.

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Once graduated, the Dental Surgeon must be competent in achieving the highest level of oral health possible at the individual and community level. Specifically, it must: Be competent in applying the principles of health promotion and disease prevention. Have knowledge of the organization and provision of health care in primary, specialized and hospital care. Be aware of the complex interactions between environmental, social, and behavioral factors with oral and general health. Have knowledge of the procedures aimed at making the health diagnosis in the community and know how to interpret the results. Be aware of the importance of community-oriented preventive measures. Be aware of the repercussions of demographic and epidemiological trends on the practice of dentistry. Be competent in the preparation and execution of health programs and have knowledge of the inter-institutional and inter-professional coordination necessary for their execution. To describe the graduation profile of our students at the end of the curricular studies of the Bachelor's degree, the attributes acquired and developed during the process and its terminal phase are mentioned and it is made up of their knowledge, skills, clinical-practical training and values ​​of the own discipline in relation to professional practice. Los algodones dental will be the best for you.


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