Let’s make this clear right from the start: women hate arrogant men!

Arrogant men try too hard to impress.

Arrogance is used as a coping mechanism that masks insecurity, what lies in the background of an arrogant man is low self-esteem and the complete opposite of a safe strong man.

This cocky man tries to win a woman over at any cost, falsely trying to make her think that he is rich, the smartest, sexiest and the funniest guy on the planet.

Arrogant men are in love with their own opinion, so often times speak abrasively, interrupting others in order to hear themselves instead.

This man is threatened by intelligent/resourceful women and so afraid to be minimized.

Come on, let’s be honest!

We have seen these type of men put on a show in front of a crowd, and upon observation, you can see them trying to put on an exaggerated show of importance and abilities .

At the end, arrogance doesn’t support vision, dreams or aspirations, does it?

Women hate having to deal with a man's low-ego.

Cocky versus confident (do you know the difference?)

Here is is:

  • a man who stands upright, strong and confident will handle himself with integrity and humility whilst:
  • the arrogant man possesses a similar degree of confidence, however, will carry himself through an inflated ego and a low-grade attitude due to his distorted image of himself.

A confident man will actively listen to a woman, showing a genuine interest in her, making her the center of attention.

He will look into her eyes, showing a sincere level of attentiveness and because he is ego-free, he will naturally build, and maintain what is needed to establish good relationships.

Do not confuse conceit with arrogance:

If you are guilty of the mistakes above, then all that is required is to develop a few new skills.

The time and energy to improve yourself will be worth the time or even obvious, as it shouldn’t take much to realize how women should be treated.

Once this simple understanding is digested, It’s a promise that women will begin wanting to be around you, and more than you can imagine.

6 tips to master confidence:

1-Show genuine interest in what women have to say, respect who they are!

2- Don't take yourself or life too seriously.

3- Don’t complain or show-off!

4-Always make sure to be cordial and positive.

5-Never mess with other people when being funny, especially with other women, be real!

6-Speak kindly with comments like: "It's so easy to talk to you" or "I love your laugh."

Put yourself to the test with hundreds of candidates

Fortunately, you don’t need to meet women in "real life" to put all this into practice.

You can practice online through many dating sites to master your new skills with hundreds of hot women.

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