If you are at home with your partner during these days of social distancing, here are a few ideas to enjoy a pleasant, economical and easy-to-plan date that you can try with your loved one.

The next time you're looking forward to going out, instead of throwing out the idea of going on a magic date in Cagliari (or wherever you live), plan and execute a fun and romantic evening with some of these activities.

Play a board or card game
A little friendly competition can put the sparks back in your relationship. Of course, if your girl is too competitive and those sparks can turn into an incinerating rage, you're probably better off trying something else.

Eat your food by candlelight
It's amazing what a small change in atmosphere can do to transform a normally boring experience into something special. Sure, you might eat all the time in front of the TV, but putting a tablecloth on the table, lighting some candles, putting on a soft jazz tune and really taking the time to talk, you'll be surprised how rejuvenating and romantic that meal will feel in the evening.

Prepare dinner or dessert together
Making dinner on weekdays can be a rushed and stressful affair. But cooking together when you're free of obligations for the next day, and the kids are in bed, can be a lot of fun and a good way to reconnect. Make something you haven't tried before that's practical, like sushi or homemade pasta.
If dinner is too complicated, or if you have kids and go to bed too late, then you have the option to prepare a dessert together instead. Make something simple that will sweeten the night.

Make a watercolour painting
When was the last time you took out some art supplies and tried painting? It's as much fun as you remember. So get some cheap watercolour sets and some big pieces of paper so you can sit down together and paint some masterpieces.

Create a "bookstore" at home
One dating plan that has become a recent trend is to go to a bookstore, not just to browse through the books there, but to take some off the shelf and sit in the cafe to read them. You can recreate this bookstore experience at home by collecting a couple of magazines or books and then making your own coffee or hot chocolate. Sit with your partner in some comfortable chairs around the house, drink your drink, read your magazines and share the interesting things you find with each other.

If you are a liberal couple
If you're a liberal couple you could even set up an account on a men's and women's dating site and have a virtual date with someone else. What do you think?